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Baseball is for the Americans what Cricket is for the Australians and Football is for Europe. An overwhelming list of games scheduled each week between thirty teams might seem overkill but is totally worth it for the fans. A cricket game might turn in a matter of overs, football in minutes and seconds, and basketball for each second. Baseball, on the other hand, is the epitome of a leisure game. Chicago might have scored a home run in the third innings, two hours later, one could return to the same scorecard and not miss much action. This suits the American fans and they love it. 

Basic Rules and GamePlay

A professional baseball match takes place in a ballpark, irregularly shaped. A square is cut off at the centre or the edge where the pitcher and hitter engage with the baseball. The hitter has to hit the ball with the baseball bat and run. If he misses thrice, it is a strikeout for the pitcher. Hitting the ball out of the park gives the hitter the freedom to run in the square to return to the base. This awards the batting side a run. Baseball is played in nine innings, each team bats once to finish an inning.

World Baseball Leagues

Japan and America are the two countries that have a long history of baseball. Major League Baseball (MLB) is popular in America and consists of two leagues, American and National. Each consists of an East, a Central, and a West division. A total of 30 teams competes in the Major League Baseball, 15 for National and 15 for American. Nippon Professional Baseball is played in Japan. It has two leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League, each with six teams.

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